About Us

Dandy Service Corporation is a for-hire transportation company that offers flexibility and dependability to handle all of our customers’ needs. Services offered include handling:

  • General Commodities in Dry and Refrigerated Services
  • Hazardous Materials
  • New Store Fixtures
  • Climate Controlled
  • Specialized Bulk Bead Transportation

We are willing to customize our operation to fit your needs and provide the top notch service we pride ourselves on!

A Brief History

Dandy Service Corporation was a company born out of deregulation. In 1981, owner Dan Lang founded Dandy Intermodal Service. The sole purpose of this company was moving “Piggyback” containers between railroad ramps in Chicago, IL and Western Pennsylvania. The company also performed the same tasks from the local railroad ramps to the Tri-State areas (Ohio/Northern West Virginia/Western Pennsylvania.)

Dandy continued its operations as a piggyback hauler until 1990 when the decision was made to move from intermodal into for-hire carriage. By 1994, the changeover, including a new name, was complete. During this period, Dandy Service Corporation grew from its beginnings as a 5 truck fleet, to today’s operation with 85 tractors and over 400 trailers throughout the Continental United States and the province of Ontario, Canada.

Our Customers

Whenever possible, Dandy Service Corporation tailors its services to meet the needs of their customer. This customization or niche availability has secured contracts with some of the area’s largest manufacturers, retailers, and service agents. This dedication to accommodating the customers and their needs has made Dandy the recipient of numerous awards. 

Our Service Area